Breaking the Mold: Creating Content People Will Enjoy

If your audience is yawning at their desks, or your organic inbound blog traffic is declining, it may be time to re-think how you're creating content for your blog. The internet is often called the great equalizer. Thanks to it, all of a sudden small businesses had a chance to reach out to their prospects who until recently, only their [...]

You Created Awesome Content, But Have You Considered Content Discovery?

“Content is king,” goes a popular online adage, and it’s true. Without great content, you will have nothing to engage prospects and clients with. If you think of your website as a stage, then content is the “performance” that people want to experience. Unfortunately though, “if you build it, they’ll come” doesn’t apply to websites. [...]

5 Creative Ways To Use Snapchat Spectacles To Engage Your Customers

If you’re among the many people who still struggle to find creative ways to use Snapchat for work, then we have some great news for you. Snap Inc (aka Snapchat) recently introduced a new device called "Spectacles." Snap Inc.'s new Spectacles are $130 sunglasses equipped with an outward-facing camera. The camera built into the Spectacles captures 115-degree video footage and syncs directly with [...]

5 Reasons We Don’t Like Unattended Automated Marketing

We don't like unattended automated marketing — especially for small businesses. Why? When left unattended (and even if you setup marketing automation incorrectly) automated marketing is very impersonal and can even cause more harm than good... The potential benefits of automated marketing cannot be ignored. The most prominent benefit being how much time it saves, which in turn [...]

5 Tips For Writing Kick-ass Online Content for Your Website

This is a guest post about online content from our friend Christina Comben at Day Translations. While you may enjoy reading novels, I’m betting you only do on vacation. And while a well-written thriller can keep a reader captivated for hours, the same simply doesn’t apply to online content. With the average attention span of [...]

3 Lessons We Learned About Social Media Marketing On Twitter

Quickly, a shout-out to our good friend, fellow Austinite, and street artist Mike Johnston (aka Truth) for the artwork (above). We're proud early adopters and we fondly remember the days of Twitter when it was like a cocktail party. You could have quick, informal conversations with any of your 19 followers (and you actually knew who they were). Now, Twitter is more like a popularity contest [...]

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