In 2016, mobile internet usage surpassed desktop and laptop for the first time. Statcounter’s Globalstats found that 51.3% of the world’s internet traffic came from smartphones and tablets as opposed to 48.7% thru desktops.

Since this trend is only increasing, it stands to reason that companies need sound business practices in order to remain competitive in the new digital ecosystem. Here are some awesome mobile marketing strategies that your brand can benefit from…

1. Optimize Your Website for Local Search

Local search is important as it is, especially since Google’s Pigeon update in 2014, which was done with an eye on helping local small businesses. However, with mobile search, it becomes more important as people are increasingly looking for solutions on the go, and search engines know this.

So, if a person typed in “gluten free bread” while driving back home, the listings shown will be options that are closest to his/her position. Of course, websites need to be updated to make sure that the search engines and people know where they are, which is where local SEO can help them.

2. Accept Mobile Payments on Your Website

While helping people find your business on mobile devices is a great start, there is a good chance they may forget your product/service if they have to get in front of a PC to complete a transaction. Mobile payment and checkout features can help you let them complete a transaction right on their smartphones.

Thankfully, there are plenty of mobile payment solutions that you can look into. Google Wallet, Apple Passbook, Lemon Wallet, Isis etc are all great options that you can easily integrate with your website.

3. Take a Stab at Pay Per Call Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a well known method of advertising where advertisers pay search engines for every click they receive on their ads. Pay Per Call however, is geared especially towards mobile users.

In addition to, or instead of, advertising a link to your website, online advertisers can opt to show a trackable phone number that connects searchers to your call center, main phone number, or a specific department (depending on the ad). Each time someone calls (clicks) the number, advertisers are charged a cost-per-click. Pay Per Call can be a particularly powerful mobile marketing strategy for service based businesses such as dentists, plumbers, hair salons, law firms etc.

Pay Per Call marketing offers several advantages over Pay Per Click. There is less competition, as fewer people know about it. Leads are of higher quality, and conversion rates are typically better as the person calling is already interested in your service, not to mention, is talking with a human being instead of interacting with a static webpage.

4. Use Mobile Check-In Rewards to Spread the Word

If you haven’t already done so, then, you will no doubt have seen a friend or relative check-in to a hotel, cafe or even a store on Facebook or Foursquare. Suffice to say, brands get some much needed publicity every time someone checks-in online. While people may freely do so, incentivizing online check-ins with offers, discounts etc will be an even better way to coax your patrons to use the feature.

Is your business mobile-ready? The mobile marketing strategies mentioned here can help you shoot and stay ahead of the competition. Give us a shout out if you are interested in having a professional marketing company help you set up a strong and future proof online presence.