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We’re more than an online marketing agency—we’re your online marketing department.

We take care of your online marketing (SEO, PPC, social media, and more) so you can take care of business.

Contact us to learn more about our affordable online marketing services for small businesses and nonprofit organizations.

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Customer Love

liz plachta of ruby's rainbow
Y'all are the best! Quick to respond if I need help with anything and you save me tons of time (so I can focus on the things I am *really* passionate about—changing lives!). Your level of professionalism, mixed with genuine care is the perfect combination to help our nonprofit grow!!
Liz P., Ruby's Rainbow
Amazing work! It's such a relief to know that things are being taken care of by a professional!
Shannon H., Method.Hair
Tracy Arrington
We have great confidence in their entire team. Timely, efficient — they are an asset in our workflow!
Tracy A., Blackboard Co.
Within a week, I could already see an impact. I love it! You guys save me so much time and energy!
Sarah S., Method.Hair
michelle hittner of austin massage company
Comnio is amazing!! They're very easy to work with, make my work-life less hectic, and save me money by managing multiple services I was previously outsourcing to several different people!
Michelle P., Austin Massage Co.
aaron brown ab hormone therapy
You guys are awesome and we thoroughly appreciate having a working relationship with you!!!!
Aaron B., AB Hormone Therapy

About Us

We’re not like most digital marketing agencies. We’re different.

We differ from traditional online marketing agencies in that we provide affordable online marketing services. Plus, we’re transparent and partner with our customers to function more like an extension of your team—and less like a traditional online marketing agency.

Say hello to your online marketing department.

As your online marketing department, we strategize, plan, and execute your online marketing activities—plus, we provide ongoing reporting so you can measure and understand our impact on your bottom line.

We’re a cost-effective alternative to hiring an entire digital marketing team or an internet marketing agency.

Since 2010, our team has provided affordable online marketing services for small businesses and nonprofits, reaching customers all over the world.

Our online marketing services include: WordPress Website Management, Social Media Management, AdWords (PPC) Management, Online Reputation Management, and more! Get to know Comnio and our small business marketing services.

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About Us

Small Business Marketing Services

Our online marketing services for small businesses.

Explore our affordable online marketing services for small businesses (and nonprofits).

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Why We Exist

Online marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach and engage more customers. Unfortunately, many agencies overprice their services—making online marketing out-of-reach for good small businesses.

We’re better than a digital marketing agency—we provide affordable online marketing, and we help good small businesses grow.

Why do we love small businesses so much? Small businesses:

  • create more jobs,
  • give more back to the community, and
  • provide better customer service and a better customer experience.

We also know your time is valuable and managing your own small business marketing is costly—in terms of the time and money it requires, and the resources needed to effectively manage your online marketing.

As your online marketing department, we create, execute, and optimize your online marketing strategy to save you time and energy, and help you get more customers.

Our core online marketing capabilities include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC), Website Management, and Social Media Management. Together, these inbound marketing service help you cost-effectively reach, engage, and acquire more customers.

How may we help you?

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Grow Your Business

We help small businesses identify, attract, and engage more customers using effective online marketing.

Save Time & Energy

We manage your online marketing, so you can focus on more important things, like your family.

Protect Your Assets

We monitor, manage, and maintain your email, website, social media, and more—24/7.

Learn more about our affordable small business marketing services.

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Simple, Straightforward Pricing

Select one of our small business marketing services and let’s get started.

AdWords (PPC) Management
$369per month
    • Daily Campaign Monitoring
    • Conversion Rate Optimization​s
    • Keyword & Bid Optimizations
    • Click & Call Conversion Tracking
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • Weekly & Monthly PPC Reports
    • Up to $2,000/mo Ad Budget
    • AdWords Account Setup Required
WordPress Website Management
$699per month
    • Enterprise WordPress Hosting
    • 10 Hours of Updates & Revisions
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Site Reviews & Recommendations
    • Content Marketing Management
    • G Suite (Email) Administration
    • Emergency Maintenance & Support
    • Weekly Insights & Reports
Social Media Management
$999per month
    • Custom Social Media Strategy
    • 5 Managed Social Profiles
    • Daily Social Media Posts
    • Ongoing Content Curation
    • Influencer Outreach
    • Social Media Monitoring
    • Growth & Engagement
    • Weekly Insights & Reports

Not sure where to start?

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Inbound Marketing Services

The digital marketing landscape can be confusing (and it’s constantly changing). We get it.

Our digital marketing solutions may be utilized as standalone services, or combined—to power your inbound marketing strategy, and draw customers to your door (and your website).

Expand your inbound marketing footprint with these digital marketing services for small businesses:

  • WordPress Website Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • PPC Advertising Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Marketing

Contact us to schedule a digital marketing discovery call and let’s discuss how we can help you.

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PPC Advertising Management

Reach new customers searching for your products and services on Google with targeted, local PPC advertising. We setup, manage, and optimize your Google AdWords Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising campaigns. PPC Advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business, maintain a competitive edge, and complement your offline marketing activities.

Our patented, AI-generated PPC campaign reports help you (and us) understand the value of your investment in PPC advertising and overall impact it has on your small business—using terms a nine-year-old can comprehend.

  • Reduce your overall new customer acquisition (CPA) costs
  • Track clicks, calls, and conversions from your online PPC advertising
  • Goals include conversion rate optimization (CRO) and maximizing your ROI
  • Continuous monitoring and bid adjustments, plus monthly optimizations (e.g. CRO)
  • Monthly PPC campaign reports and campaign optimization recommendations
  • Ongoing Management of one (1) Google AdWords PPC Campaign (does not include your Ad Budget)
  • AdWords Account Setup (one-time, $399) required (includes keyword research)
  • Bing Ads Setup (one-time, $199) optional; Ad Budgets over $2,000 incur a 20% Management Fee

Reach, engage, and acquire more customers online with targeted Google AdWords PPC advertising.

Say hello to your Google AdWords PPC Management team!

We setup, manage, and optimize your Google AdWords PPC advertising.
PPC Advertising Management
We setup, manage, and optimize your PPC advertising.
$369per month
    • Management of one (1) Google AdWords Account
    • Conversion Action Setup, Tracking, and Ongoing CRO
    • Daily Campaign Monitoring and Monthly Optimizations
    • Call, Click, Conversion, and Goal Tracking
    • Google Analytics Integrtaion and Reporting
    • Monthly AdWords Account Review and Recommendations
    • One-time AdWords Account Setup required
    • Does not include your Ad Budget (Ad Spend)
    • A 10% fee applies to Ad Budgets over $2,000

WordPress Website Management

We host, manage, and maintain your WordPress website — so you don’t have to. We optimize your website’s aesthetics (design and UI/UX), searchability (on-page SEO and monthly blog posts) and security (free SSL plus automated malware detection and removal) to keep your WordPress website functional, fast, easy-to-find online, and protected.
  • Includes enterprise-grade, managed WordPress web hosting and 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Plugin, theme, and WordPress core updates keep your site safe and error-free
  • SSL certificate management, daily site and database backups, and premium security plugins
  • Ongoing on-page SEO and website optimization recommendations
  • Includes G Suite Administration and one (1) blog post (up to 500 words)
  • Includes ten (10) hours of Monthly Active Time for revisions, maintenance, and more
  • Weekly and monthly web analytics reports highlight traffic trends and growth

Maintain a fast, SEO-friendly, and secure small business website.

Say hello to your WordPress Website Management team!

We host, monitor, manage, and optimize your WordPress website.

WordPress Website Management
We host, manage, and optimize your WordPress website.
$699per month
    • Enterprise-grade Managed WordPress Web Hosting
    • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring and Emergency Support
    • Free SSL and Premium WordPress Spam Prevention
    • Automated Malware Detection and Removal
    • Daily Backups and Automated WordPress Updates
    • 10 Hours of On-page SEO, Updates, Maintenance, and Revisions
    • Includes One (1) Monthly Blog Post (up to 500 words)
    • Includes G-Suite Administration (does not include licenses)
    • Weekly and Monthly Website Analytics Reports

Social Media Management

We actively manage your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ social media profiles—so you don’t have to. We build and help you maintain a healthy social media presence, increase audience engagement, boost brand awareness, and drive more qualified traffic to your website.

Our team curates, creates, and shares engaging social media content across your social media profiles.

  • A custom social media strategy defines our approach, sets goals and guidelines
  • We plan, schedule, and share daily updates from your social media profiles
  • Includes creation of social media graphics—for sharing on visual social networks
  • We monitor and responds to incoming direct messages and @mentions
  • Engage your audience online using social media keyword listening
  • Includes monthly social media engagement reports

Build and maintain a healthy social media presence for your small business.

Say hello to your Social Media Management team!

We manage and grow your social media profiles and presence.
Social Media Management
We manage, monitor, and grow your social media presence.
$999per month
    • Custom Social Media Strategy Development
    • Daily, Scheduled Social Media Posts
    • 5 Managed Social Media Profiles
    • Ongoing Social Media Content Curation
    • Social Media Monitoring and Engagement
    • Influencer Outreach on Twitter and Instagram
    • Graphic Design for Instagram-only Posts
    • 10 Hours for Design and/or Engagement
    • Monthly Social Media Analytics Reports

Managed WordPress Web Hosting

We host, monitor, and maintain your WordPress website. We automatically update your WordPress core, WordPress theme, and WordPress plugins and provide free SSL plus automated malware detection and removal, to keep your WordPress website functional, fast, and protected.
  • We host and monitor your WordPress website — 24/7
  • We manage and maintain your WordPress core, plugins, and theme
  • Includes a free SSL certificate and automatic malware detection and removal
  • Includes two (2) hours of Monthly Active Time for emergency maintenance and support

Our Managed WordPress Hosting service delivers 24/7 peace-of-mind and a helping hand when you need it most.

Say hello to your Managed WordPress Web Hosting team!

We host, monitor, and protect your WordPress website.
Managed WordPress Hosting
We host, monitor, and protect your WordPress website.
$199per month
    • Enterprise-grade Managed WordPress Web Hosting
    • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring and Emergency Support
    • Free SSL Certificate and Daily Site Backups
    • Automatic Malware Detection and Removal
    • Automatic WordPress, Theme, and Plugin Updates
    • 2 Hours of Emergency Website Support


What is COMNIO? 2018-01-13T16:30:34+00:00


C for communication, OMNI for everywhere, and O for online.

We’re sort of like a digital marketing agency, but we’re designed for small businesses and non-profit organizations. We function more like your online marketing department—managing your:

  • WordPress Website
  • Online Reputation
  • Social Media
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • and more!

As your online marketing department, we strategize, plan, execute, and optimize your online marketing activities (e.g. blog posts, email campaigns, website revisions, social media updates, and more) so you can focus on running your organization.

What is Active Time? 2018-02-02T15:05:28+00:00

Active Time is used whenever we:

  • Setup and send your email campaigns
  • Create and/or edit content for your website
  • Revise your website (code, content, functionality)
  • Design or edit your marketing materials (e.g. images, stationary)
  • Provide support for your website and/or email accounts

Monthly Active Time (MAT) is how much Active Time you have available each month. Our WordPress Website Management plan includes a set amount of Monthly Active Time—expressed in hours.

Extra Active Time is only $99/hour, is tracked and used by the minute, and never expires.

What if I don’t have a website? 2018-02-02T15:02:36+00:00

No website? No problem.

We can design and build an affordable website for your small business.

Contact us to learn more about affordable web design services for small businesses and nonprofits.

Are you Google AdWords Certified? 2018-02-02T15:02:00+00:00

Yep! Here’s proof.

What is on-page SEO? 2017-06-20T16:27:14+00:00

On-page SEO includes any search engine optimizations performed “on” your website, such as:

  • Publishing keyword-optimized blog posts on your website
  • Optimizing page content and cross-linking content within your website
  • Updating page titles, URLs, and meta information with relevant SEO keywords
  • Ongoing updates to improve your website’s organic search ranking for specific keywords
Can I cancel at any time? 2017-07-17T01:51:15+00:00

Yes, but we request a minimum three-month commitment for new subscriptions.

Do you offer a discount for non-profits? 2018-02-02T15:01:05+00:00

Absolutely! Please contact us to learn about our online marketing services for non-profit organizations.

Why is the sky blue? 2017-06-20T16:36:29+00:00

Nitrogen is the most abundant element in Earth’s atmosphere and nitrogen reflects blue light better than any other color, which is why the sky appears blue!

Services Overview

We offer a 100% no-questions-asked refund policy.

All online marketing services include monthly reporting. Website Management and Social Media Management include setup of an online marketing calendar and development of an online marketing strategy.

Website Management includes hosting of one (1) website. Online Reputation Management is for one (1) physical business location. Each additional location is $50/mo. Plan price does not include sales tax. An initial three-month commitment is kindly requested.


Your online marketing department.

We love working with ambitious small businesses and non-profit organizations.