Our Mantra

We’re not driven by profits.

We’re driven by values like: authenticity, compassion, transparency, and integrity.

At the end of the day, our goal is to achieve our mission statement and live our mantra…

Our Mission

Our mission statement is simple:

  1. Make people happier.
  2. Love what we do.
  3. Create value.

We make people happier (#1) by saving you time, energy, and money, and helping you grow your small business (or nonprofit).

Making people happier + doing meaningful work (helping your small business or nonprofit, thrive) leads us to love what we do (#2) and we create value (#3) by providing great small businesses and nonprofits with affordable online marketing.

What’s the significance of our name?

We picked the name Comnio for three reasons:

  1. It’s one-of-a-kind (Google us).
  2. It’s meaningful—at least to us (see below).
  3. The domain was available.

COM for communication, OMNI as in “everywhere” and O for online.

We use digital inbound marketing to communicate with your audience everywhere, online.


What does “transparency” mean?

There are too many digital marketing agencies. One of our unique differentiators is our transparency—being open and honest about everything.

For example, our clients have full access to view and comment on our internal production log. You get a clear picture of what we’re doing, who’s assigned, when tasks are due, and related status updates.

Our Team

Say hello to your digital marketing dream team.


Website & Project Manager

Krissy - Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

andromeda ross


Savannah - Online Marketing Coordinator

Social Media Manager


Website Designer

Sam Jean Soper




Business Development Representative


HR + Operations Manager

ross clurman wheel of fortune

Co-founder, Digital Marketing Director


Co-founder, Director of Business Development


Co-founder, Director of Operations


Board Advisor

comnio careers

Our Statement of Purpose

Our core services share the following four goals:

  1. Generate more positive word-of-mouth marketing.
  2. Boost qualified incoming traffic to your website.
  3. Optimize your overall cost per acquisition.
  4. Increase online customer engagement.

We’re looking for great customers.

Great organizations have the following characteristics:

  • exceptional customer service
  • happy employees (because they’re treated well)
  • active within their local community and philanthropic initiatives

How do we know if you’re a great business? We patronize you (in a good way).

We visit your business, try and buy your products/services, and become your customer. We also read your online customer reviews and customer feedback. This helps us determine if you’re a great business (and a good fit to work with us).

We’re looking for great customers, because we want to help your organization grow.

What makes us different?

Unlike traditional digital marketing agencies for small businesses, we function like an extension of your team—constantly working toward your online marketing goals (defined during our initial Strategy Session).

We provide the same online marketing services you’ll find at the best digital/online marketing agencies, except we spare you the confusing marketing jargon and ridiculously high prices.

Our affordable online marketing services are delivered as part of a monthly subscription plan (no long-term contracts) and at a price-point designed for small businesses—we even offer discounted rates for non-profit orgs!

A little about our process…

We work closely with you and your team to develop an online marketing strategy for your small business or nonprofit. Our online marketing strategy is central to everything we do and helps us effectively define, plan, and execute your online marketing activities.

Depending on your subscription and marketing budget, your marketing plan may include inbound marketing activities like: online content creation (“blogging”), email marketing campaigns, PPC advertising, social media marketing, and more!

Our patented, AI-generated reports detail your current stats and compares them to the previous period—so you’re well-informed and can easily understand our overall impact on your small business or nonprofit.

Let’s work together.