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Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple:

  1. Make people happier.
  2. Love what we do.
  3. Create value.

We make people happier (#1 in our mission statement) by saving them time and money, and helping them grow their business. Making people happier, leads us to love what we do (#2) and we create value (#3) by providing affordable, on-demand marketing services to great local businesses.

Amazing work! It's such a relief to know that things are being taken care of by a professional!
Shannon H., Austin, TX
We have great confidence in their entire team. Timely, efficient — they are an asset in our workflow!
Tracy A., Austin, TX
Within a week, I could already see an impact. I love it! You guys save me so much time and energy!
Sarah S., Austin, TX
COMNIO is amazing!! They're very easy to work with, make my work-life less hectic, and save me money by managing multiple services I was previously outsourcing to several different people!
Michelle P., Austin, TX
You guys are awesome and we thoroughly appreciate having a working relationship with COMNIO!!!!
Aaron B., College Station, TX

What is a “great” local business?

Great local businesses display the following characteristics:

  • exceptional customer service
  • happy employees (because they’re treated well)
  • actively engage with, and give back to, their local community

How do we know if you’re a great local business? We patronize you (in a good way).

We visit your business, try your products/services, and become a customer. We also read your online customer reviews and customer feedback. This helps us determine if you’re a great local business (and a good fit to work with us).

What makes us different?

We’re building the world’s best marketing service for local businesses.

In order to become the best marketing agency for local businesses, we must address the problems associated with your choices (as a local business owner) for marketing service providers.

You have three choices when it comes to marketing your local business:

  1. Friends/family/freelancers
  2. Marketing firms and agencies
  3. Do-it-yourself software/services

Friends, family, and freelancers are inexpensive, but offer a limited set of services and have inconsistent availability. In other words, they’re only one person and managing your (insert marketing service) is not their full-time job.

Digital marketing firms and local marketing agencies offer a wider range of services than option one (above) but marketing firms are expensive (especially for local businesses) and have relatively slow turnaround times.

Do-it-yourself software enables you to manage your own marketing, but adds-up quickly — both in terms of the cost and how much time they require to master. You have a business to run, and if you’re not experienced in marketing (or marketing software) you may be wasting your time (and money).

We combine on-demand availability, a specialized set services, and a “do-it-for-you” approach to marketing for local businesses.

Plus, we’re affordable.

More about our name…

C for communication + OMNI for everywhere.

We added an “O” to get “COMNIO.”

Click the speaker icon in our header (above) hear how COMNIO is pronounced!


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