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About This Mural

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple:

  1. Make people happier.
  2. Love what we do.
  3. Create value.

We make people happier (#1 in our mission statement) by saving them time and money, and helping them grow their business. Making people happier, leads us to love what we do (#2) and we create value (#3) by providing great small businesses with affordable online marketing.

About our name…

COM for communication, OMNI for everywhere, and O for online.

Click the speaker icon next to our logo (in our header) to hear how to pronounce COMNIO.

Amazing work! It's such a relief to know that things are being taken care of by a professional!
Shannon H., Austin, TX
Tracy Arrington
We have great confidence in their entire team. Timely, efficient — they are an asset in our workflow!
Tracy A., Austin, TX
Within a week, I could already see an impact. I love it! You guys save me so much time and energy!
Sarah S., Austin, TX
michelle hittner of austin massage company
COMNIO is amazing!! They're very easy to work with, make my work-life less hectic, and save me money by managing multiple services I was previously outsourcing to several different people!
Michelle P., Austin, TX
aaron brown ab hormone therapy
You guys are awesome and we thoroughly appreciate having a working relationship with COMNIO!!!!
Aaron B., College Station, TX

What is a “great” small business?

Great businesses have the following characteristics:

  • exceptional customer service
  • happy employees (because they’re treated well)
  • active within their local community and philanthropic initiatives

How do we know if you’re a great business? We patronize you (in a good way).

We visit your business, try and buy your products/services, and become your customer. We also read your online customer reviews and customer feedback. This helps us determine if you’re a great business (and a good fit to work with us).

Our Statement of Purpose

Our core services share the following four goals:

  1. Generate more positive word-of-mouth marketing.
  2. Boost qualified incoming traffic to your website.
  3. Optimize your overall cost per acquisition.
  4. Increase online customer engagement.

Our Partners

What makes us different?

We function more like an extension of your team and less like a traditional online marketing agency.

We offer the same services you’d find at the best online marketing agencies, except our services are delivered as part of a monthly subscription plan (no long-term contracts) and at a price-point designed for small businesses.

We combine on-demand availability, a specialized set of online marketing services, and a “do-it-for-you” approach to helping you grow your small business or non-profit organization.

A little about our process.

During our new customer onboarding, our team works with you to develop an online marketing calendar. This marketing calendar is central to everything we do and helps us effectively plan our marketing activities going forward.

These planned marketing activities may include content creation, email and social media campaigns, events, promotions, and more (depending on your subscription plan). Plus, we’re always available to help you with website revisions and maintenance, or any last-minute marketing campaigns.

Each month, you receive a detailed report, so you’re well-informed and understand our impact on your small business.

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