You’ve heard the saying “Time is Money” and we’re willing to bet that for your small business this saying is not only heard, but also understood.

There are a lot of moving parts in owning and operating a business, with marketing being one of them. Marketing is ever-changing and constantly evolving, and executing marketing is time-consuming. Juggling the management of your business’s marketing strategy and execution alongside running your business can be overwhelming.

There’s an easier way: outsourcing your small business’s marketing to an agency.

Unfortunately, the word ‘outsourcing’ isn’t very appealing to small business owners, but there are many reasons why your small business can benefit from hiring an external agency to handle your marketing.

  1. Outsourcing Your Marketing Will Save Your Small Business Money
    This might be one of the greatest reasons to outsource your marketing. As a small and growing business, you may consider bringing on a marketer full-time. While this can be a great idea, it can also be very costly if you consider the number of overhead costs. There’s the new marketers pay, their benefits, the software and services they need to subscribe to, possible ongoing training and so on. Whereas, if you hire an agency that specializes in small business marketing, you will not have to consider these additional costs . Instead, you’ll pay a rate to the agency allowing them market your business and they’ll have the latest and greatest softwares and tools in their toolkit meaning you won’t have to pay for them.
  2. An Agency is Good at Marketing
    If you go to a car repair shop, you expect them to know the in’s and out’s of a car and how to fix it. The same can be said about a marketing agency. These people know what they are doing and they are good at it. They’re the experts in their field, just like you are the expert in your small business. An agency will be up to date on whatever web, UX, social, print and advertising trend that is out there. They have an eye for how to catch a user’s attention though graphic design, they know the best way to position elements of your website so your visitors experience is seamless, they know how to write keywords for your website and your social media platforms, they know how to analyze data and optimize your campaigns based off it. By using an agency, you are using a knowledgeable full forced marketing team.
  3. An Agency’s Focus is on Your Business, Which Means Continued ROI for Your Small Business
    As mentioned in the benefit above for outsourcing marketing, when you hire an agency you will have access to a team of people all with skills and expertise related to marketing. This team has a goal. That goal is to meet your objectives and deliver results on your behalf. Therefore, they will continuously optimize their efforts and strategies so they can reach your goals and, hopefully, exceed them. Additionally, it’s also incredibly easy for advertising money to go to waste. You can pump a lot of money into online platforms and methods that may not work. However, an agency knows what they’re doing meaning your return on investment will be greater and your marketing budget is going to better use.
  4. Outsourcing Your Marketing Allows You to Focus On Your Small Business
    Marketing isn’t easy.  As technology enhances, there are more and more trends, changes in algorithms, platforms, and more to keep up with. What you’re doing one day may not work the next. One has to really dive into marketing and be on top of it in order for their efforts to succeed. If you’re a small business owner taking care of marketing yourself (or having an internal staff member do so), you’re wasting time and as you know ‘time is money’. Hours of research and development can be better utilized on the day-to-day tasks of your business and growing your business. By hiring an agency, they will be doing the heavy lifting for you.

We hope by now you can see the value and benefits of outsourcing your small business’s marketing to an agency. Instead of spending your time on research or hiring an in-house marketing staff, consider a marketing agency that has the knowledge, the software, and the time—more importantly, an agency that specializes in marketing for small businesses.