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Effective, affordable social media management for small businesses.

Social media management for your small business.

Social media is an always-on form of communication, so trying to manage it alone is almost impossible.

Our team of social media managers help your small business (or non profit org) develop a custom social media strategy. Then, we put it to work — curating, finding, and sharing content — leading to more user engagement and sustainable social media audience growth.

The social media management services we offer to small businesses and non-profit organizations are managed by real compassionate people, so whenever your customers message or mention you on social media, they get a response ASAHP (as soon as humanly possible).

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Professional Social Media Management Services

We actively monitor and manage your social media profiles — helping you grow your audience, optimize customer engagement rates on social media, and deliver a consistent experience for your customers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.

Our affordable social media management services for small businesses and non-profit organizations is outlined below.

We review how your small business currently uses social media and setup any social media profiles you don’t already have in place. We also review your social media presence and make updates to create a consistent look/feel/message across all networks, assist with page and profile verification, and help convert your profiles into “business” profiles when appropriate.

We help your small business maintain a consistent brand identity across all of your social media profiles. We align your profile photo, header image, bio, and profile content to sync up with your marketing efforts and seasonality. For example, we change our logo and profile colors to pink during the month of October in support of breast cancer awareness.

We use targeted engagement opportunities to help your small business reach, engage, and convert more people into fans and followers. Through consistent posting and high-quality content, we help your small business increase overall user engagement on social media.

We monitor your profiles — 24/7 — and respond ASAHP (as soon as humanly possible). Nothing is automated or “canned” and we add a human touch to outgoing messages, mentions, and social media customer engagements.

When customers reach out to your small business on social media to ask questions or get assistance, we respond. Our entire company is rooted in the belief that the best form of marketing is exceptional customer service, so that’s what we provide to our customers (and yours).

We work with you to define the keywords and social cues people use to indicate they may be a good prospect for your small business. Through social media listening, we monitor for these keywords and cues to identify and engage your target customers. Then, we attract more of those people by posting relevant, timely, and high-quality content to your social media profiles.

In addition to listening for keywords and social cues, we also monitor social media for brand mentions and engage your customers when they mention you or your small business on social media.

Please contact us with any questions and to learn more about our affordable social media management services for small businesses and nonprofits.

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