8 08, 2017

10 Social Media Content Sources For Your Small Business

2017-08-08T00:31:08-05:00August 8th, 2017|

A healthy social media presence requires three key ingredients: 1) a significant amount time, 2) the right content shared at the right times, and 3) meaningful engagements. If you plan on managing the social media for your small business, then be prepared to invest about 3-5 hours/week between content creation, scheduling and sharing posts, and monitoring/responding to meaningful engagements. Meaningful social media engagements include clicks, likes, follows, re-shares, [...]

10 10, 2016

Online Reputation Management For Small Businesses…People Are Watching

2017-05-18T17:05:52-05:00October 10th, 2016|

Just a few years ago, marketing your business online was very different. Businesses were not attempting to interact with customers, but were simply making an effort to acquire new customers using the internet. Consumers could not express their opinions nor could they be heard in a powerful way. "The times they are a changing" - Bob Dylan Today, websites and social media platforms are no longer just brochures for your products and services. User-generated content, along with regular interactions on [...]