In case you didn’t know, we’re involved with a non-profit dedicated to the higher educational needs of adults with Down syndrome, Ruby’s Rainbow, and we need your help.

Yes, we’re going to ask you for a donation (at the end of this post) so this is your heads-up.

Ruby’s Rainbow is named after Ruby (she’s the adorable little lady photographed above). Her family was inspired by Ruby’s sweet spirit and determination, and shortly after Ruby was born, her family decided to do something extraordinary for this amazing and capable community of people.

About Ruby’s Rainbow

Since 2012, Ruby’s Rainbow has granted $185,000 in scholarship funds to 74 inspiring individuals who are “rockin’ that extra chromosome” while reaching for their dreams of higher education and independence! Amazingly, Ruby’s Rainbow has accomplished this amazing feat through three major fundraising events/campaigns and the loving, compassionate hearts of family members, friends, the community, and local businesses (our bestest friends).

About Ruby’s Rockin’ Rainbowl

Ruby’s Rockin’ RainBOWL is the largest of the three major fundraising activities and for good reason. It combines food, fun, bowling, music, prizes, and more! Ruby’s Rockin’ Rainbowl takes place on July 10th and is a guaranteed great time. Over 320 participants come together to have fun and raise scholarship funds for this year’s scholarship recipients.

This year, Ruby’s Rainbow is on track to grant $100,000 in scholarships to people with Down syndrome, attending inclusive college programs all over the United States! Over 50 scholarship applications were submitted this year and (as it stands) Ruby’s Rainbow can only grant 29 individual scholarships.

That said, there are 6 more applicants deserving of the opportunity to achieve their dreams of higher education and independence.

Here is a short video about Ruby’s Rainbow and why they (and we) are so passionate about what they do:


Thank you so much for your time and consideration.