Like everyone else, I’ve been dreading Mondays! It’s 7:30 p.m. and my shift starts in 30 minutes. I swiped my ID as I entered the building, white walls and bright lights welcomed me as if smiling and telling me that they missed me.

I went straight to the coffee machine to get myself two cups. The first two cups out of my eight cups every evening (don’t judge me, I have to endure nine hours of this customer service shift).

I walked inside, questioning my decision to become a customer service representative. Why I wanted to trade a normal life and be a vampire. Yes, I am a vampire. I don’t drink blood, but my schedule is that of a vampire — I’m awake all night and I sleep during the morning.

Or, maybe I should call myself a bat? Or an owl? Batman? Owlman? Haha.

Worst of all, I am a tech support CSR! (I will elaborate more in my next customer service blog entry.)

I was greeted by few of my friends and asked to hurry up (and get online) since it’s almost 8 p.m.

My shift ends at 5 a.m. and I can’t wait for that moment. I walked faster, not minding the hot coffee spilling over the edges of my under-whelming styrofoam cup, onto my hands and eventually to a floor I’ve paced across too many times.

I worked in customer service during the Graveyard shift for three years, so naturally I was a little numb to working in customer service. Well… maybe I’m being somewhat dramatic.

As I walked to my desk, my thoughts were interrupted when I heard John (a colleague) shouting at the top of his lungs, “In calls!”

Oh, snap! It’s 8 p.m. — good thing I texted my co-worker (and friend) earlier to turn on my PC.

I rushed to my station dragging my feet on the blue carpet. I punched my code into my work-issued Nortel phone and jumped in horror when my phone rang.

I quickly positioned my headset, adjusted my mic, took a deep breath in and smiled. Then, I answered the call and said, “Thank you for calling ***, my name is Jaclyn, how may I help you?”

To which the customer replied, “Get your manager on the phone. NOW!”

And that’s how my night started. Wow. Just wow.

Welcome to the diary of a recovering CSR (customer service representative).

My name is Jaclyn and I am a Customer Service Concierge with COMNIO. Thankfully, my days are no longer like the one I shared above.

Within this section of COMNIO’s customer service blog, I’ll be writing and sharing some of my experiences working as a CSR. I hope you stick around and join me as I work on my writing skills while sharing short stories about my life.