We’re very active on social media and we’ve learned a lot of very important lessons about how to use social media — mostly through trying and failing.

One of the things we’ve learned is the best way to get more likes on Facebook. Before we explain how to get more likes on Facebook, we need to establish a few things related to Facebook Page Likes.

  1. What is a Facebook Page “Like”?
    If it’s a human clicking “Like,” then it’s a subtle opt-in. It means they like your business, brand(s), product(s), service(s), or what you represent. They have agreed to allow your Page to populate their Facebook feed with what you say and share on Facebook.If it’s a computer (this happens way more often than you think) then it’s nothing.
  2. Why are Facebook Page “Likes” important?
    If someone likes your Facebook Page, you have their attention (on Facebook). It’s a vital first step to increasing ongoing engagement between your business and that individual. If that person is a customer (or becomes a customer) and is engaging with your Facebook Page, they’re more likely to develop a lasting relationship with your business.Oh, and repeat customers spend 67% more (on average) than new customers. source
  3. What is the best way to get more Facebook Page Likes?
    Simple. Build a good business, produce good products, offer good services, and provide great customer service — then, all you have to do is let people know where they can find you on Facebook (print your Facebook Page URL on receipts and marketing materials, add a link to your email signature, and add a link to your Facebook Page on your website).Once you have their attention on Facebook, share great content.

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