Small businesses are important to every community and we love helping great businesses thrive — especially local businesses in Austin, Texas (where we’re based). This year, we got to participate in Small Business Week in a big way.

Our co-founder and CEO, Ross Clurman (the person writing this post) had the pleasure of speaking at the first ever Small Business Festival.

The Small Business Festival was different than any other “conference” I’ve ever attended. I used the quotes there, because the Austin Small Business Festival wasn’t a typical conference. As the name suggests, Austin’s Small Business Festival was more of a gathering of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and like-minded people (oh, and about 70 awesome speakers including CEO’s, founders and respected business experts).

My presentation was about none other than customer service. In fact, the title was “How to Provide Customer Service via Social Media (slidethe Right Way).” If you’re interested in my presentation from the Austin Small Business Festival, check it out on SlideShare.

Here’s what we learned during Small Business Week 2016 and the Austin Small Business Festival:

  1. Anyone can start one and every business (even huge companies) starts as a small business.
  2. Small businesses are extremely important to your local economy and account for the majority of all jobs.
  3. Every small business faces many of the same challenges — getting customers, beating competition, and effective hiring, etc.

We learned a whole lot more and would be happy to share our insights. Interested in learning more about what we learned at the Small Business Festival? Contact us and ask!