If you live in Austin, or one of the other cities Favor serves, you may have seen someone running around town in a bright blue tuxedo t-shirt. Favor is a startup that enables anyone to use their app and get anything delivered.

  • Want a Dr. Pepper but don’t have any in your fridge? Use Favor.
  • Need some whiteout and staples, but you’re buried in work? Use Favor.

You get the idea.

Local businesses see Favor as a consumer-facing technology because Favor is marketed to consumers. But, local businesses can also use Favor to deliver better customer service.

Here’s an example scenario of how a local Austin restaurant could use Favor to deliver better customer service:

A customer places an order for pick-up, but upon arriving at their destination (work, home, etc.) they realize you accidentally gave them corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas. Apologize for the mix-up and find out where the customer is located. Then, use Favor to “order” the flour tortillas from your restaurant (using the Favor app) and have Favor deliver warm, flour tortillas to your customer (assuming they’re inside the radius where Favor delivers).

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