book about customer service - zombie loyalists

Book Title

Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans


Peter Shankman

Book Review

In Zombie Loyalists: Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans, or simply, Zombie Loyalists Peter Shankman shares his thoughts on what great customer service is and how any business can use it to create, keep, and recover Zombie Loyalists.

What are Zombie Loyalists?
Zombie Loyalists are your customers, but not just any customers. They are the customers of your brand that are unyieldingly addicted to you because of the customer service you provide.

How can you breed Zombie Loyalists?
In short: exceptional customer service and by placing the customer first before everything else. For a full explanation about how you can breed them, read the book!

In his book about customer service, Peter Shankman also explains in a well-narrated and engaging manner, why it’s important to breed Zombie Loyalists and “breeding” rules any company can follow. He pairs these rules with several real-life stories (or case studies) about his experiences with amazing customer service from a first-person perspective.

Unfortunately, most consumers have a disease Shankman calls “Service Crapitis.” Service Crapitis is a condition consumers are afflicted with due to the omnipresent amount of bad customer service they constantly face. The flip-side is that Service Crapitis can easily be cured, because even mediocre levels of customer service can surprise consumers (especially compared the the crap customer service most receive). This also makes it easy for your company to create Zombie Loyalists out of your competitor’s dissatisfied customers!

Why this is a good book about customer service

Customer service is not a department, it is everyone’s job, and Peter Shankman’s book, Zombie Loyalists, does a great job at sharing easy-to-understand rules that can be applied to any type of business. After reading this book about customer service, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to create zombie loyalists, how to cure Service Crapitis, how to keep zombie loyalists, how you can potentially lose them, and even how to win them back in the event some are lost.