book about customer service - raving fans

Book Title

Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service


Kenneth Blanchard, Sheldon Bowles, Rick Adamson, Kate Borges, John Mollard

Book Review

Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service, or simply, Raving Fans is an easy-to-read manual (if you will) about always going above and beyond the customer’s expectations to provide an outstanding customer service experience.

Raving Fans is written by several authors, most notably (at least to us) is Ken Blanchard. Ken is a leadership and organizational change enthusiast and his consulting group (Ken Blanchard Companies) works with businesses on how to lead their people more effectively. In their book, these authors describe how to take an ordinary, common-sense approach to customer service by creating what they call “Raving Fans,” hence the name of the book.

This book is extremely easy-to-read and understand (we cannot stress that enough), and a great starting point for any organization seeking to inspire a positive change in how they provide customer service. In addition to reinforcing the common-sense approach to delighting customers, Raving Fans provides real-world examples and exercises on how to implement new tactics for improving customer service.

Why this is a good book about customer service

The customer service department is sometimes perceived as only being needed when something goes awry, so customer service reps may approach these customer-facing situations with a pre-conceived notion that “nothing I do will make the customer happy.” This is propelled by the low expectations most customers have of customer service (because a majority of companies provide crappy customer service).

Contrary to this school of thought, Raving Fans teaches us that there’s nothing I can’t do to make this customer so happy, they can’t wait to tell everyone how great our customer service is.

Raving Fans is a great book about customer service because it is so easy to read and won’t require a lot of time to digest. Further, this is a good book about customer service because the ideas contained in it apply to any business – whether you’re a national service provider, or a local hat repair shop.