Comnio gives consumers an easy, effective way to publish, share, and resolve customer service issues.

Customer Service Concierge Startup, Comnio, Preparing To Meet Investors At Collision
Comnio’s co-founders are attending the tech conference in Las Vegas to meet investors interested in helping the team disrupt the customer service industry.

AUSTIN, Texas (April 23, 2015) – In early May, thousands of people from all over the world will converge on Las Vegas, Nevada, to attend Collision—a conference where investors, companies, and startups “collide.” The aptly named startup track at Collision, Collide, is an invite-only exhibition where startups showcase themselves to a crowd of the world’s leading tech investors. Austin-based “customer service concierge” startup, Comnio, was invited to attend Collide and plans on engaging potential investors interested in helping Comnio disrupt the customer service industry.

Comnio’s co-founders, Ross Clurman and Trever Evans, began developing the product in 2013—a patent-pending web and mobile application that helps consumers easily share and resolve customer service issues with any business or service provider.

“As a lean startup, we are extremely cognizant of spending,” commented Ross Clurman. “Collide is a cost-effective way for us to share our passion for customer service and introduce Comnio to a captive audience packed full of investors and fellow entrepreneurs.”

The team looks forward to meeting potential investors, discovering other new startups, and the opportunity to share their vision for the future of customer service. Collision takes place May 5–6, 2015, at World Market Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In 2014, Comnio launched a free, web-based application that allows consumers to publish, share, amplify, and resolve customer service issues about any business or service provider. Comnio is currently in public beta and is launching mobile apps for iOS and Android this summer. To learn more about Comnio, visit Anyone attending Collision can request a time to meet with Comnio’s co-founders at