One of the biggest challenges any company faces before they attend a conference is deciding what swag and collateral to distribute.

If you’re a startup, like Comnio, you don’t have a closet full of marketing collateral and promo items. So, we had to design some fancy new collateral, complete with customer service facts, figures, and Comnio features.

We’ve always had an awesome user experience with, so we went to them again to print our new half-page flyers for distribution at the upcoming Collision Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Flyers aren’t by any means sexy, but they are a great giveaway for people you don’t have the bandwidth to engage (especially, since Collision has thousands of attendees). Our flyers are designed to give Collision attendees some great customer service facts, and highlight how Comnio helps solve those customer service problems for both consumers and businesses.

The front (pictured at the top of this post) features customer service facts about consumers, and the back (below) features customer service facts affecting businesses.

customer service facts - businesses

Our entire team is excited about the opportunity to attend Collision. If you’d like to meet Comnio at Collision, RSVP for our events at

Thanks for your time!