comnio customer service concierge

In January, we invited our community to participate in a user experience survey about Comnio. Comnio users from all over the world shared their feedback with us about Comnio, our proprietary customer service concierge application.

The Comnio user experience survey covered three main areas:

  1. Comnio features they like
  2. Comnio features they want
  3. Anything we could be doing better

Our users spoke and we listened. Here’s what we learned from our Comnio user experience survey.

What current Comnio features do you like most?

Of Comnio’s existing features, the most important to our users is the ability to receive customer service contact information for virtually any business or service provider.

Currently, each time you submit a customer service issue on Comnio, we search millions of contacts to identify someone who is qualified to address and resolve your issue (faster than the typical routes of resolution).

What are some new features you would like added to Comnio?

Of the features we have planned for Comnio, our users indicated they wanted faster ways to engage with customer service managers, beyond just email and telephone.

So, we’re hard at work building new, complementary ways for our users to engage with customer service managers.

What could Comnio do to make getting better customer service easier and less frustrating for you?

Most of the feedback we received was “nope,” but a few users provided us with some Comnio user experience “gems” that we took to heart. And, several of the ideas our users presented were already features we have planned for future release. One suggestion, however, stood out and was something we hadn’t considered implementing, at least not in the immediate future.

As we plan and implement new features, functionality, and forms of customer service communication, our primary focus is the user experience. Our overall goal is to make getting better customer service easier and less frustrating than typical means of customer service issue resolution.

Stay informed of our progress.

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