If you’re in Austin for SXSW 2015, you might run into some of our street crew out working the crowds. If not, keep your eyes open for Comnio’s SXSW 2015 marketing team.

Even if you don’t see us during the SXSW 2015 madness, you may see evidence of us being out and about! We’re leaving some marketing collateral randomly scattered throughout downtown Austin’s various SXSW “districts” or hubs, thanks to a little coaching from a good friend and Austin street artist, “Truth,” aka Mike Johnston.

And, speaking of Mike, if you’ve ventured to the northern SXSW 2015 territory near Red River and 12th Street (by the Waterloo Neighborhood Park) you probably saw his awesome artwork. Mike was hard at work during SXSW 2015 as part of the Impossible Wall Project creating a huge mural (and one of our favorite’s so far) next to Brick Oven Restaurant. Check out Mike’s mural below, borrowed from Mike Johnston’s Facebook Page.

Mike Johnston Street Artist SXSW 2015

Pretty awesome, right?!

Anyways, during SXSW 2015, we have made note of what other companies are doing to keep their users engaged and informed. So, in an effort to keep our growing community of consumers more informed of our progress, we decided to publish regular “Comnio Application Updates” on our customer service blog.

These application updates are designed to provide our users, and other interested parties (consumers, competitors, colleagues, etc.), with info about the Comnio mobile and web applications.

Comnio’s mobile and web applications help consumers everywhere provide realtime customer feedback to virtually any business or service provider, and leverage our community and staff to get superior customer service.

Below are the latest updates to Comnio’s architecture:

    • Tabbed search results
      We made it easier for our users to find businesses and service providers (to get better customer service). Comnio’s new tabbed search results separate business and service provider results (during the first step of creating a customer service issue) by network. This not only improves the speed at which we can display results, but also helps our users pin-point the specific business or service provider they want to contact for better customer service.


    • Customer service issue guidelines
      Sometimes users have questions about what they should include with their customer service issue. To answer those questions (proactively) we added several customer service issue guidelines to essentially help us, help you. Users will see these new issue guidelines during the issue creation process in Comnio’s web application.


    • Social login options
      Several users suggested making it easier to login and create customer service issues on Comnio, so we did. Now users don’t need to use their Comnio login credentials to sign in. Users with a Facebook or Twitter account can sign in and submit a customer service issue using the “Facebook Login” or “Twitter Login” options on Comnio’s main application page, or on the Comnio login page.


  • Various bug fixes
    Hopefully you didn’t run into any bugs when trying to use Comnio to contact a business for better customer service, but if you did (and you told us about it), we’ve addressed and fixed them!

Thanks for reading about our latest application updates!

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To learn more about the Impossible Wall Project, taking place during SXSW 2015, visit Do512’s official page.