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If this is your first time reading our customer service blog, then welcome! If not, thanks for coming back.

In this blog series, 7 Basic Principles of Good Customer Service, we are going to share and explain our top seven principles of providing good customer service.

Without further ado, here is #1 on our list of 7 good customer service principles.

  1. Listen

One of our favorite and maybe the most effective forms of listening techniques for customer service is called empathic listening.

Empathic listening is simple and anyone can do it. Empathic listening is listening with the intent of trying to put yourself in the speaker’s shoes. Obviously, you’re not literally trying to put their shoes on, rather you’re trying to understand their point-of-view.

Empathic listening is most effective when you rid yourself of distractions and really tune in to what the speaker is saying. It also helps to repeat or re-state what the speaker shared in your response to get a better handle on what their pains are and begin to figure out how you can help.

Whenever you’re listening, in casual conversation or when providing customer service, wait for your turn and make sure you’re not under time constraints. One, it’s rude, and two, it’s unnerving to your customers (the people talking to you) when you act as if you have better things to do.

Stay tuned for #2 on our list of 7 good customer service principles!