get the best customer service

Comnio, your customer service concierge, is designed to help consumers get the best customer service. Our team helps you reach the right people at companies and local businesses everywhere. Also, short of sending smoke signals, Comnio employs various channels of communication.

Some consumers prefer to handle customer service issues alone. Others like relying on Comnio to help circumvent the normal lines of customer service communication and reach the right people.

In both cases, there are several quick tips to remember when contacting customer service. These five customer service tips will help you get the best customer service experience.

  1. Know the solution you want
    Before contacting customer service, have an idea of the solution you want. Sometimes it helps to state the solution you would like to the customer service representative.
  2. Be respectful, but assertive
    Keep in mind, there’s a person on the other end of the line who may not be responsible for your customer service problem. Don’t be rude, but address them clearly and maintain control of the conversation.
  3. Share a short, factual story
    Explain your situation by telling a story (as frustrating as it is to repeat yourself). Stories are more compelling than listed facts, but be sure you don’t over-complicate your customer service issue with unnecessary details.
  4. Maintain a positive attitude
    This is difficult, but by not allowing your emotions to control the conversation, you build rapport with the customer service representative and convey confidence. Remember, it’s likely not their fault.
  5. Contact customer service, then follow-up
    If you leave a voice mail, or send an email, include your contact information and state when you will follow up and by what means (email, phone, come by the store, etc.). By all means, please avoid sending a barrage of furious messages.

Getting good customer service is a two-way street, so it still requires input and assistance from the business or service provider you’re contacting. That said, if you successfully master these five tips, you are more likely to get the best customer service.

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