customer service problems

Customer service as a whole is in pretty bad shape, and it’s hurting our economy. In fact, bad customer service costs U.S. businesses an estimated $537,000,000,000.00 each year (that’s 537 billion if you lost count of the zeros).

Comnio helps consumers get better customer service by allowing them to easily publish customer service issues about any business or service provider. Comnio then shares these customer service issues with the businesses, brands, and service providers responsible.

Through our website, businesses, brands, service providers and consumers can work together to address and resolve customer service issues easily and effectively. Our unique approach to customer service addresses three customer service problems for consumers.

  1. Consumers don’t like having to repeat themselves.
    Comnio tracks customer service issues, so consumers never have to repeat themselves again!
  2. Consumers don’t like waiting for customer service.
    Someone from the Comnio team response to every customer service issue almost immediately!
  3. Consumers don’t like needing to contact a company multiple times.
    Comnio addresses and escalates customer service problems to reach decision makers and help consumers get better customer service!

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