Online security

Last week a new round of six OpenSSL-related bugs were discovered. This news (along with the recent Heartbleed bug) should be a wake-up call for people who still rely on “password1” as their fool-proof password for everything from email to online banking.

Tisk, tisk. Passwords should be difficult to remember and difficult to hack. Comnio places the online security and privacy of our users among our top priorities, so we decided to share six simple suggestions to help you improve your online security.

  1. Make your email password extremely complex.
    The majority of your online passwords can be reset via email. If your email password is compromised, you risk losing every online password.
  2. Don’t reuse passwords.
    Every password you use should be unique and difficult.
  3. Don’t store your passwords in file titled “Passwords.”
    Use a password manager!
  4. Use two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication when available.
    What is MFA?
  5. Be cautious of where you input your password.
    Avoid sharing your password and never share sensitive information on sites without a valid and authentic SSL certificate (e.g. presence of “https://”).
  6. Change your passwords often.
    A benefit of having a password manager is not needing to remember each and every password, so you can change them often without needing to worry about losing them!

Here are more tips and resources for staying safe online.