While consumers and brands are aware of the role social media plays in advertising and marketing, some remain unaware of how social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook, are also being utilized to facilitate customer service. This growing trend is often referred to as “social media customer service” and is becoming more and more popular among consumers active on social networks.

As more consumers opt to address customer service issues via social media over traditional channels, such as calls and emails to customer service, many businesses and brands are asking if social media is good or bad for customer service. To sum up the stats on social media customer service: social media is good for customer service and not just for consumers, but for businesses and brands, too!

Social media customer service is on the rise.
Social networks are steadily growing, but user engagement, or two-way communication between brands and consumers on social networks, is growing nine times faster! See below for a chart from Sprout Social that compares growth in social networks vs. growth in user engagement.

Social Network Growth v User Engagement

How social media is changing customer service:

  • Consumers can instantly connect with businesses and brands to voice a complaint on social media
  • Businesses and brands can proactively seek out and address social media customer service complaints
  • On social media, customer service issues are public (and anyone can poach the conversation)

As the trend of social media customer service continues to rise, so will the social noise and distractions. Brands and consumers need a social network specifically designed for customer service.

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