Seven Eleven - Customer Service

Random acts of kindness are sweet, but they’re even sweeter when you are on the receiving end.

Amid an afternoon of planning ways to improve customer service (using Comnio) for consumers and businesses, I decided to break for coffee.

The weather is nice, so I opted to walk about three blocks to Seven Eleven. On the way, I thought of at least one way Comnio can simplify the process of publishing and sharing customer service issues, but I’m not telling you…at least not yet.

The point of this post had to do with a random act of kindness, customer service, and free coffee.

As I approached the counter, the woman noticed I had refilled my own coffee cup and simply said, “don’t worry about it. Just do something nice for someone else this week.”

I thanked her for her thoughtfulness, meaningful customer service, and Seven Eleven’s generosity.

On the way home, my free coffee inspired me to write a blog about the little things in customer service that go a long way.