Sht Lst Android App

Sht Lst iPhone App

Over the past couple months, we have been testing the Sht Lst (pronounced “shit list”) web application. If you don’t know what Sht Lst is, read this.

Since we launched Sht Lst early this year, this is what we have learned:

  1. People will complain when there is an easy means to do so
  2. People are more comfortable complaining when they see others doing the same
  3. We need to make the Sht Lst application even easier to use

How do we make Sht Lst even easier to share and resolve complaints? Simple (in theory). We need to build both the Sht Lst Android app and the Sht Lst iPhone app.

So, that is exactly what we’re doing. Starting next week, our mobile development team (Some Script®) will begin developing the Sht Lst Android app and the Sht Lst iPhone app (at the same time!).

Stay tuned. Join the Sht Lst community to resolve complaints about anything (and stay informed about the Sht Lst mobile app)!