Over the Thanksgiving holiday, the Sht Lst LLC (Comnio) co-founders and their families took a cruise through the Caribbean. During their stop in Barbados, (where Rihanna was born), they had the pleasure of finding an awesome tour guide. He drove them all over Barbados and eventually to a beach near the famous, five-star Sandy Lane Hotel.

Waiting to purchase a couple Banks, (an adult beverage by the Caribbean brewery founded in 1961 in St. Michael, Barbados), they noticed a cute green monkey wearing a leash. Her owner requested a small tip for the opportunity to take a photo with Samira.

One of our co-founders offered Samira’s owner a generous tip with instructions to keep the change (it’s better to give than receive), to which her owner handed him the leash and said she was ours for the afternoon.

She spent the day playing, eating, drinking, and even swimming! However, Samira had a particular fondness for our neon green Sht Lst t-shirts. Here are a few candid photos of her monkeying around with it.