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Our Values

At the core of every great company is a great culture, and at the core of a great culture are a shared set of beliefs (values). These values (and our code of conduct) are in place to help us protect and foster our culture.

These are our core values…

Never say no.
“No” is poisonous and finite. It sounds off-putting all by itself. Avoid it at all costs.

Tell the truth.
Good relationships are built on trust. Lying about anything is bad for business. If you don’t know the answer, admit it; if you can’t share the answer, explain why. Never, ever lie.

Avoid excuses.
Excuses waste time and can ruin a perfectly good apology. If a problem arises — acknowledge it, apologize, and fix it.

Use time wisely.
Time is your most valuable asset. Use your [and everyone else’s] time wisely.

Remain positive and focused.
Negative energy and emotions weigh heavy on your conscious. Stay positive and optimistic, and surround yourself with that same positive energy.

Never speak ill of anyone.
Assume everything you say and share is public. Never speak or share anything negative about anyone — competitors, colleagues, customers, etc. It’s not classy.

Don’t compromise your character or your integrity.
It takes years to build a strong reputation and only a moment to destroy it. Nothing in this world is more valuable than your character and integrity, so always do the right thing.

Stay curious.
Continually evaluate our industry, ourselves, and our colleagues to identify and implement (or at least try) new and different ways of doing things. Learn something new every damn day.

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