Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is meant to protect our customers, our culture, the safety and wellbeing of our people, and help us foster a productive and professional environment — where great ideas (and great people) thrive.

We have two guidelines in our Code of Conduct.

1. When engaging with our customers, colleagues, clients, or our team, we kindly request you are:

  • Happy
  • Focused
  • Well-rested
  • Equipped and prepared
  • Capable of performing at your best

2. To ensure the safety and wellbeing of our team, customers, and colleagues, we also ask you avoid:

  • Illegal substances
  • Disrespecting others
  • Acting unprofessionally
  • Lying, cheating, or stealing
  • Sarcasm—in any and all forms
  • Politics and political discussions
Depending on the severity, legality, and frequency of the offense(s), you may receive a verbal or written warning, or termination.


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